Locks and Keys

The first thing to remember about locks and keys is to keep keys out of circulation. The potential for theft by use of unauthorized keys is staggering. Just think of all the people who have used your keys, from housekeepers to childcare providers to valet parking attendants. Then think of all of the places where duplicate keys can be made, from hardware stores to shoe repair shops. Have you ever been asked for identification when having a key duplicated?

  • Buy high security locks with specialized keys that require your authorization to make copies and that can only be duplicated by a professional locksmith.
  • Change all locks when moving into a new house or apartment
  • Do not leave spare keys in obvious places, such as under flower pots
  • Install double cylinder lock on doors located near windows to prevent thieves from breaking the window and turning the latch.
  • A special Captive Thumbturn Deadbolt has a removable thumbturn key that provides easy exit for your family in emergencies. When the thumbturn is removed, it also provides additional burglary protection when you are away from home.